About Us

As a 40-something dad living in suburbia, I don’t strike many as the “horror movie buff” that I am. With a passion for horror and thriller flicks that started in childhood, I enjoy finding the humor amidst the gruesome images and implausible dialogue on the big screen. I simply love old horror movies and very scary movies.

I’m writing here to inform readers of news in the thriller world as well as provide reviews of horror films new and old. My content is completely original and my point of view unique. I’m no Goth loner, lurking in the shadows and I promise my perspective is fun and light, something you’ll find nowhere else on the horror movie web.

In addition to my borderline obsession with macabre movies, I’m a family man with two cats, an insane dog, a beautiful wife and a beautiful daughter who I enjoy watching cartoons with. Also, I’m a Born Again Christian (Yeah, we love horror movies too!) but typically keep religion out of my film critiques (unless we’re talking about an exorcism, of course). Your thoughts and opinions are always welcome!

Above all, my blog is a space for us to share a love for the sick and twisted, the scary and demonic, and the putrid and perverse. I ask you to engage with me, in this community I’ve created, to create conversation and fuel the community of fellow horror flick aficionados. Visit often, I’m always watching….