Monster Brawl

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              Monster Brawl (2011), courtesy of Foresight Features & writer, director, editor, & producer Jesse T. Cook, is a mind numbing entry into the horror genre. And by mind numbing I don’t mean it blows you away, more like bores you to sleep. The premise for this flick, it’s not worthy of being called a film, is “what if” the WWE “wrestlers” were monsters.  Cook pits the Cyclops against Witch Bitch in a battle to the death, next up is Lady Vampire vs. The Mummy, followed by Swamp Gut vs. Werewolf, Frankenstein’s Monster vs. Zombie Man. All leading up to the final fight. Zzzzzzz……

              The actors playing the monsters are relative unknowns with this being their first and sometimes only feature. The cast is rounded out with Dave Foley, of The Kids in the Hall and Newsradio fame, doing fight commentary alongside Art Hindle, from 1974′s Black Christmas. They are joined by WWE manager Jimmy Hart as himself, obnoxious. Veteran actor, God of horror movies, and a man with the best voice since Vincent Price, Lance Henriksen, of too many friggin’ movies to list – he was Bishop from the Alien films – lends his voice (he was smart enough not to physically appear in this…) as God or narrator, it wasn’t clear but the credits say God.

              First up I must comment that while the digital effects were surprisingly good, the make-up effects could have been blended better so that they didn’t stand out as much. Most scenes appear if they were all shot separately of each other. Fight commentators don’t ever appear in the background during fights. Overall the movie reminds me of the boring crap they do about the fighters and their training before the fight is actually shown. The acting is decent, although Foley doesn’t seem that into it. Henriksen’s voice over comments throughout the fights just happen out of nowhere and while some sound reasonably placed others just sound odd and out of place.

              If you like cheesy wrestling, obnoxious Jimmy Hart and this silly premise, then by all means check the flick out. If you like your horror gory, bloody, scary, and good don’t waster your time.



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