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The Amityville Horror (2005)

December 29, 2012 by   | Category: Reviews
The Amityville Horror (2005)

A remake of the 1979 movie with the same story and title, the Amityville Horror is a story of a family that moves into a house and the horrifying turn their lives take thereafter. The story itself has been adapted from a novel by Jay Anson, which documents the allegedly true events that transpired in 1974 in Long Island. A house where a mass murder took place, was occupied by the Lutz family and a chain of terrifying incidents began, which continued till the time they finally left the house.

 To make a long story short

 George (Ryan Reynolds) and Kathy (Melissa George) decide to move to a place where they can let their three children have a comfortable childhood. While house-hunting, they are shown a large and old house with a beautiful rugged feel and enough space for their children to run around. Their enthusiasm is dampened a little when they find that the reason the house is priced so low, is because of a mass murder. But being a young couple with modest means, they decide not to get deterred and buy the house, keen to start a new life. Their happiness, however, is short-lived when strange things start happening around them and George becomes increasingly hostile and withdrawn with each passing day. While George starts hearing voices that urge him to “catch ‘em and kill ‘em”, the young daughter Chelsea (Chloe Moretz) develops a friendship with an imaginary friend. As the days pass, Kathy is forced to face the possibility that something may be seriously wrong with the house and she may have to act quickly before they become the next victims.

 Acting/thrills and chills

 If you haven’t seen the original version or read the novel, the Amityville Horror could be a great watch for you. Director Andrew Douglas gives a fresh take on this straightforward story of a haunted house. His efforts prove successful largely due to the superb acting by Ryan Reynolds. The actor, who is known more for his comedic roles, shows that he’s perfectly capable of channeling his dark side. His descent into a completely psychotic man is a treat to watch. Melissa George does well in her role of Kathy, but it is Chloe Moretz who shows why she is considered an actress to watch out for in the future. The horror scenes are very well executed and despite the polished look of the film, the director manages to make the viewer feel the intensity of the hauntings. The Amityville Horror is a well-executed remake and definitely a good watch.



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