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If you have been waiting to watch a nerve-wracking horror movie, and if you enjoy the sight of blood, screams and spine-chilling mystery, then Sinister is a movie that you definitely shouldn’t miss. This movie is based on the life of a crime writer who is investigating a murder mystery for his book and stars Ethan Hawke, James Ransone, and Juliet Rylance. The story has been put together with great skill and grips the viewers in its horrific web throughout.

 The plot summary

 The movie revolves around Ethan Hawke’s character, Ellison Oswalt. In the movie, Ellison is a struggling crime author who is desperately seeking a story for his novel. He hasn’t had much success in the recent past and has been moving from one city to another in search of a good story, with his family. Juliet Rylance plays the role of Ethan Hawke’s wife in the movie, and her character’s name is Tracy.

 The movie starts with the Oswalt family facing troubles as Ellison’s previous two books were not appreciated by the public. As a writer, Ellison likes to relocate himself close to a crime scene and then write about it. Desperate to have another shot at fame, this time he moves into the house where a crime had taken place.

 The sheriff of their new locality is wary of the Oswalt family’s relocation and warns them to be careful. As soon as the family moves into their new house, the horror element of the movie starts. The reason as to why this movie immediately grips its viewers is the fact that it moves into a mysterious mode in a matter of seconds, and unlike other movies it doesn’t build-up the suspense at a slow pace.

 The movie takes a turn when Ellison finds a box with old footage in his attic and decides to watch them. These films have terrifying murders taped on them and frame the entire story of the movie. Finally, Ellison decides to investigate these cases with the help of the local authorities.  

 The likability meter

 If you really enjoy watching movies of this genre, then Scott Derrickson’s work will definitely excite you. This movie has the potential to make you squirm, scream and shiver as the story is so intense and fast-paced that it keeps growing on you. The acting, the storyline and the effects make this movie a complete package and it’s hard to find fault with it. If you plan on watching the movie, grab onto your seat because you might just fall down out of fear. Sinister is a great horror movie and a must-watch for all fans of the horror genre.



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