Blood Creek

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Blood Creek or Town Creek is director Joel Schumacher’s attempt to combine history and horror. It presents the much-exploited conspiracy theory of Nazi forces dabbling in the occult, and fails to provide a good thrill. Audiences across America seem to have thought as much, as the movie managed to last at the theaters for just a few days.

To make a long story short

The story begins in 1936 with the Wollners, a farming family in West Virginia. The Wollners are asked by a Nazi envoy to play host to a German professor, Richard Wirth. They are offered a handsome sum and accept the proposition. Once the professor settles in, however, the family finds out that his visit has a sinister motive. Many years ago, the farmer had discovered a well-preserved Viking runestone. This object is of great value to the professor as it has occult powers. But before the professor manages to harness the power of the runestone, he is overpowered by the Wollners. The family cannot kill him, so they keep him trapped in their cellar. In doing so, their fates get inextricably linked with that of the professor’s.

Cut to the present day where we meet Evan Marshall; a young man trying to deal with the disappearance, and possible death, of his brother Victor. One fine day, Evan is surprised to find Victor at his doorstep. All Victor reveals is that there is unfinished business to deal with at the Wollners’ farm. Evan agrees to help his brother in his quest for vengeance and both head out together, armed to the teeth. Not knowing the true nature of the horror they’re dealing with, the brothers set the professor free, unleashing an ancient evil that they must now defeat at all costs.

Acting/thrills and chills

In Blood Creek, the finest performance is that of Michael Fassbender, who plays the antagonist. As the professor, he delivers some thrilling moments, aided by his authentic German accent. It is surprising, however, to see an actor of his caliber in a movie like this. As you can imagine, his potential remains untapped. Henry Cavill and Dominic Purcell as the two brothers Evan and Victor give satisfactory performances. But the real undoing of the movie is its weak storyline and gratuitous violence. Blood Creek will probably not appeal to any one apart from staunch fans of movies that focus only on excessive gore. It can safely be given a miss.