Carrie (2013)

January 4, 2013 by  
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This proves to be an interesting remake I’m looking forward to seeing. Chloe Grace Moretz plays Carrie. She was great in the movie “Let Me In” and kick ass in the movie “Kick Ass”. I’m interested to her in this role. Her mother is played by Julianne Moore who even though is an amazing actress, I personally cannot see her being the wicked, bible-thumping bitch that she needs to be to pull this role off.

Hopefully, this will be reminiscent of the old horror movies from back in the day.

Lets add it up: They made “The Rage: Carrie 2″ in 1999 and it flopped. They did a made for TV movie “Carrie” in 2002 and I thought that it sucked. With Chloe Grace Moretz & Julianne Moore playing the main characters, I have a good feeling about this one. I hope I’m right. 

However, my true and overall thought on this is…. Awesome, another remake of a great classic. I guess that there are no more interesting movie scripts piling up on producer desks in Hollywood these days.