Drag Me to Hell

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 ”Drag me to Hell” stars Alison Lohman as Christine Brown, a loan officer, who must race against timed to undo a curse that could banish her to hell forever. Directed by Sam Raimi, it is a thrilling movie that shows that the director of the “Evil Dead” trilogy still has his finger on the pulse of horror movie enthusiasts. It was released in 2009 and grossed a little over $42,000,000 in the United States alone. Somewhat similar to the “Evil Dead” trilogy in terms of tone, the movie was acclaimed by both the masses as well as the critics as one of the best horror movies of the last five years or so.

 To make a long story short: Plot Summary

 Christine Brown (Alison Lohman) is a loan officer in a small-town bank who has a devoted boyfriend Clay Dalton (Justin Long) and a normal life. However, she’s insecure about where her life is headed. She’s competing with a colleague Stu Rubin (Reggie Lee) for the assistant manager’s position, but her prospects aren’t too bright. Her boss tells her that unless she can make some profitable decisions, the job might go to her rival. To add to it, she finds out that her boyfriend’s parents don’t consider her to be good enough for him.

 On the same day, she is visited at the bank by an old gypsy lady, Mrs. Ganush (Lorna Ravers), who needs an extension on her mortgage. Feeling that she needs to take a firmer stance to move ahead, Christine rejects Mrs. Ganush’s application and has her removed from the premises. Her boss lauds her tough attitude and feeling pleased, she leaves for home. In the parking lot, she is violently accosted by Mrs. Ganush, who curses her. Not knowing what she’s fated for, she receives first aid and is taken home. But the same night, strange and frightening incidents in her house make her suspect that she’s been cursed. From then on starts her desperate struggle to undo the curse before she gets dragged to hell.

 Acting/thrills and chills

 Alison Lohman’s portrayal of the soft-hearted Christine is a perfect foil for the terrifying and often vile incidents that the character suffers as part of the curse. Special mention must be made of Lorna Ravers, who manages to give a good fright as the gypsy lady Mrs. Ganush. However, Justin Long is wasted in the role of the boyfriend and one can’t help but feel that any actor could have done the role. Despite that, the movie is yet another great attempt by Sam Raimi in the horror/campy humor genre after “Evil Dead”. The effects are good too and enhance the horror. “Drag me to Hell” is one of the better horror movies to hit theaters in quite some time and definitely worth a watch.