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As the title suggests, this is a movie with a straightforward premise – a group of bar patrons attacked by hungry monsters. There is literally nothing more to the plot of the movie. The entire film depicts how the patrons, who have no real names, are attacked by the monsters. Directed by John Gulager, who also made “Piranha 3DD”, “Feast” stars Judah Friedlander, Balthazar Getty, Henry Rollins and Jason Mewes among others.

To make a long story short

The movie begins with a group of people having a good time in a bar. All of a sudden, a man rushes in claiming that there are monsters outside the bar. The patrons laugh off his claims and continue drinking. But the man convinces the crowd by showing them the head of a monster he has in his hand. At that very instant, the man is attacked by a slimy monster and killed. The very next moment, a woman rushes in and on seeing him dead, breaks down sobbing. The woman is revealed to be the man’s wife. Seeing the sudden turn of events, the patrons decide to board up the bar to keep out the monsters.  But their efforts seem useless as the monsters manage to break in repeatedly and even carry off a young boy right in front of his mother. The patrons then decide to fight the monsters as well as they can and a long-drawn battle ensues between the monsters and the humans. Whether the patrons manage to survive and how the stave off the attack of the hungry monsters forms the rest of the movie.

Acting, story and effects

As far as the story is concerned, there is none. There are probably video games with more detailed background stories and character histories. The movie introduces the characters and quickly moves on to dealing with the monsters. There are a few funny moments in between, but for the most part, there seems to be no connect among the characters or with the plot itself. Among the actors, Judah Friedlander and Balthazar Getty manage to sustain an interest in the proceedings. The monsters look like a mix of the aliens and predators (who are also aliens technically) featured in the famous “Aliens” and “Predator” series. They look sufficiently scary and manage to hold up the gore. The director seems to have concentrated more on the effects than the plot, and it has paid off. The violent scenes are well done and would be enjoyed by fans of the low-budget horror movie genre. For the rest of us, it’s perfectly fine to give “Feast” a miss.