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This movie is basically about a family that flees the home that they are living in because it’s haunted. However, after having not even unpacked their things in their new home, the haunting continues.  They learn that it’s not the house that’s haunted but their eldest son.

This was a good movie, directed by James Wan, starring Patrick Wilson and Rose Byrne. I wouldn’t say that it’s a very scary movie but it’s definitely creep. This did remind me of some old horror movies. Parts in particular were almost a modern day take on the movie Poltergeist. Typically, ghost movies scare the crap out of me. This didn’t really leave me checking my closet before bed and I sit through it without looking over my shoulder every 5 minutes. But I dug it. I thought it was fun.  I was not disappointed by this one.

Anytime there is a Kid in a horror movie about spirits or demons or anything paranormal, I typically go in assuming that it’s going to be a good creeper. Though, this movie had a couple kids in it and one of them was the main focus per-say, there were not a lot of creepy kid moments like the kid standing over the parents bed with a knife or singing/humming bazaar oddities. Or my personal favorite, the redrum business that the kid gave his mom in The Shinning. This flick was missing that aspect and it would have been nice to get creeped out by I didn’t really notice it absence as I was watching the DVD.


Paranormal Activity 2

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If you have watched the first movie in the Paranormal Activity series, then you probably have a basic idea about the story line. The first movie was based on the characters Katie and Micah and their struggle against Katie’s demonic possession. The second movie revolves around Katie’s nephew and step niece. Starring Katie Featherstone, Micah Sloat and Molly Ephraim, this movie shares the basic features of the first movie, and is probably the best in the entire series.

The plot overview

Even though the movie is titled Paranormal Activity 2, it comes across as a prequel to the first one. The story of this movie revolves around Katie’s stay at her sister’s house and it is impressively linked to the first movie, unlike many other sequels. The highlight of the story are Katie’s nephew and her step niece, and her sister’s struggle with the spooky activities in her house. The use of single camcorders continues in this movie as well, but they increase in number this time.

Katie’s sister’s house is vandalized in the beginning of the movie, so the couple decides to get camcorders all over their house. This movie is seen through the eyes of 5 different cameras, one by the poolside, 2 in the kitchen, 1 at the entrance, and 1 in Katie’s nephew’s room. Like the first movie, the story and horror build up slowly and the viewers eagerly wait for something spooky to happen.

This movie has a lot of similarities with the first one. In the first part, Micah ignores Katie’s concerns about her possession and in this movie, Katie’s brother-in-law ignores her sister’s point of view as well. The good point about this movie is that it retains the elements of the first movie and tries to build up on them. The use of camcorders, and the brother-in-law’s ignorance will remind the viewers of the first part and intensify the story of the movie, much more than the first movie.

 The likability meter

 What distinguishes the Paranormal Activity series from other horror movies is the fact that it concentrates on suspense more than ghastly violence. The director of the movie tries to involve the viewers by making them anxious and not by cheap gimmicks. This quality may or may not appeal to all horror movie fans who enjoy blood spills and screams more than subtle suspense. But apart from that, this movie is still a good entertainer in its segment, and is definitely one of the impressive ones in the whole Paranormal series.