The Haunting in Connecticut: Fact or Fiction?

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As an Avid horror movie lover, I am even more intrigued with stories based on true events the most. The movie “The Haunting in Connecticut” is such a movie. The movie is about a family is forced to relocate to a new town and home for their son’s health. They begin experiencing supernatural behavior in their new home, which turns out to be a former mortuary.

My first thoughts of this movie being based on true events is “who in their right mind would move into a house that used to be a funeral home with the morgue as one of the bedrooms”? Well, after doing some research, I found that there actually was a family that moved into this house in Connecticut and that they said the events really did occur. Thy claimed to have been ‘haunted’ by evil spirits or demons or whatever you want to call them.

Below, I have posted photos of the actual house as well as the official movie trailer and a few interviews of the the paranormal investigator who looked into the claims and a few videos of Carmen Snedeker being interviewed. I also included the entire Sally Jessy show that the Snedekers appeared on in 1992.

Review the videos and decide for yourself if you belive the claims to be true or fabricated for the sake of fame and fortune.


ct house 01            The actual home             ct house 02





The Snedeker’s

ct family

Here is the official trailer of the movie

Here is a short clip of the Paranormal investigator that looked into the validity of the case claimed by the Snedekers.

 Here is a short clip of the real Carmen Snedeker who is the Mother that reported the claims of haunting.

Here is the Sally Jesse show that the Snedekers appeared on in 1992 explaining in details what had occured and defending themselves from the naysayers.

Did this really happen? Were the Snedekers victims of a Ghostly assault?

YOU be the judge.