Don’t Be Afraid of the Dark

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A young girl forced to live with her father and his girlfriend discovers Evil creatures in her new home who want to claim her as one of their own.

Eh, Don’t Be Afraid of this Movie! It was not scary. Barely even creepy for that matter. This movie stared Guy Pearce, Katie Holmes and little Bailee Madison(also in Just go with it & Once Upon a Time). I expected much more. Creepy old house…creatures in the basement?? You would think that there would be a huge creepy, ghost/ghoul-like apparition thing going on in this film but nope….nothing. I think that I’d rather sit through Twilight again, at least that movie had some vampires (happy friendly vampires, but vamps non-the less). If for some unknown reason the powers that be decided to make a part 2 to this no reason to be afraid of the dark movie, I think I’ll take a pass….okay, who am I kidding. I’ll watch it.
I think Guy Pearce & Katie Holmes need to stay away from films like this one or they may find themselves pining for straight to DVD – Indie movies.




The Fourth Kind

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98 min  -  Mystery | Sci-Fi | Thriller  -   6 November 2009 (USA)

This is about an ongoing unsolved mystery in Alaska, where a town has seen an extraordinary number of unexplained disappearances over the past 40 years and there are accusations of a federal cover up.

This movie had mixed reviews. Frankly, this movie scared the crap out of me and I’m not sure why. I suppose the occasional blood curdling screams or the spine chilling moments of bodily contortions. The movie is portrayed as based on true events supported with ‘Actual video and sound footage’. However, you do the google research and draw your own conclusion if any of it actually happened or if it was some clever ploy to sell tickets.

I loved the movie. Will I watch it again? Heck no. I really did scare me. I don’t know anyone that was as freaked out by this one as much as me. The movie was believable to me. I found it, for the most part very plausible regardless of the fact that I don’t believe in Aliens or that we’re being visited by UFOs or any of that non-sense.  I recommend checking this movie out.


Kill Katie Malone (2010)

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Directed by Carlos Ramos Jr

A few College students & best friends Ginger Matheson, Jim Duncan, and Kyle “Dixie” Canning, pitch in to buy a “ghost in a box” in an online auction. And as you’d expect in any B rate horror movie, nothing good comes of it.

This was mediocre at best. I was obvious and sometimes boring. Gee wiz, let’s buy a ghost in a box in which grants wishes. Haven’t these people seen the movie “The Gate” back in the 80’s whereas some dorky kid trying to look like a rocker and his goofy friends open a gate to the underworld and when they wished for stuff. Then got it but it all turned to CRAP!?

Okay, so, nothing turns to Crap. However, my mood did when I found myself watching this movie. There is nothing new original about this one. It’s a just another Ghost revenge story in which the Ghost seeks revenge on unrelated to the people that wronged her, Lame. At best, this would be a so-so made for TV movie that doesn’t even need to be edited. It’s quite possible that it actually was made for TV and I just missed the memo. I just didn’t think that it made any sense. I will say this, the acting and direction of the movie was fine. I couldn’t even tell they were acting (Tongue is now pressing against my cheek).



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This movie is basically about a family that flees the home that they are living in because it’s haunted. However, after having not even unpacked their things in their new home, the haunting continues.  They learn that it’s not the house that’s haunted but their eldest son.

This was a good movie, directed by James Wan, starring Patrick Wilson and Rose Byrne. I wouldn’t say that it’s a very scary movie but it’s definitely creep. This did remind me of some old horror movies. Parts in particular were almost a modern day take on the movie Poltergeist. Typically, ghost movies scare the crap out of me. This didn’t really leave me checking my closet before bed and I sit through it without looking over my shoulder every 5 minutes. But I dug it. I thought it was fun.  I was not disappointed by this one.

Anytime there is a Kid in a horror movie about spirits or demons or anything paranormal, I typically go in assuming that it’s going to be a good creeper. Though, this movie had a couple kids in it and one of them was the main focus per-say, there were not a lot of creepy kid moments like the kid standing over the parents bed with a knife or singing/humming bazaar oddities. Or my personal favorite, the redrum business that the kid gave his mom in The Shinning. This flick was missing that aspect and it would have been nice to get creeped out by I didn’t really notice it absence as I was watching the DVD.


Who We Are

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Who Killed Who is all about old horror movies, new horror movies, very scary movies, super scary movies & thrillers. That is why we dedicated this blog about old horror movies as well as new ones, horror movie reviews and news. We try to critique horror movies as a non-critic. We try not to nit-pick the movies apart. We just give our basic opinion as horror movie lovers. if we think it Rocked, Sucked or was not bad etc. old horror movies, very scary movies, super scary movies, horrors etc…We give the spill on spook.





Carrie (2013)

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This proves to be an interesting remake I’m looking forward to seeing. Chloe Grace Moretz plays Carrie. She was great in the movie “Let Me In” and kick ass in the movie “Kick Ass”. I’m interested to her in this role. Her mother is played by Julianne Moore who even though is an amazing actress, I personally cannot see her being the wicked, bible-thumping bitch that she needs to be to pull this role off.

Hopefully, this will be reminiscent of the old horror movies from back in the day.

Lets add it up: They made “The Rage: Carrie 2″ in 1999 and it flopped. They did a made for TV movie “Carrie” in 2002 and I thought that it sucked. With Chloe Grace Moretz & Julianne Moore playing the main characters, I have a good feeling about this one. I hope I’m right. 

However, my true and overall thought on this is…. Awesome, another remake of a great classic. I guess that there are no more interesting movie scripts piling up on producer desks in Hollywood these days.


Madison County

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The Story

A group of college kids travel to a small, mountain town called Madison County to interview the author of a tell-all book on the accounts of several grisly murders that happened there. But when the kids get to Madison County, the author is no where to be found and the towns people act like they haven’t seen him in years. They also say that the killer never existed and the murders never happened. However, when the kids start digging around to get their own answers, they find out that the stories may be more real than the townspeople are letting on!

My Thought ( SPOILER ALERT )

Written and Directed by Eric England, this movie falls short. I found it to be a little creepy but it didn’t go past that. The one kind of cool aspect of this movie is that there are no night scenes whatsoever. I thought that the killers mask was pretty eerie being a sewed on pigs head. There were too many loop holes in this movie to make it work for me. *Here Comes a Spoiler* … The entire small town was aware of this killer and basically supported and delivered his victims. Unless the reasoning for that was prominently displayed in this movie, it could never work. So not only do we find absolutely no background, rhyme or why the killer is hacking up these poor victims but to give no explanation as to why the town assists is nonsensical. The kill scenes weren’t even that great. As one who enjoys a good splatter kill scene, this movie definitely failed to deliver. I was hoping that Hopefully, this would be reminiscent of the old horror movies from back in the day but it kinda fell short.

This is just another “a bunch of kids going into the woods to be killed off” movie.    Blaa


Lost Boys 2: The Tribe

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The sequel to one of the biggest teenage vampire hits ever, Lost Boys, Lost Boys II:The Tribe has been directed by P.J. Pesce, also known for the TV series Tremors. The movie has Angus Sutherland as the antagonist and Tad Hilgenbrink and Autumn Reeser as the lead protagonists. Like the original, it is a story of a brother-sister duo who move to the coast. Very soon, they find themselves in the midst of a gang of boisterous teenagers who are blood-thirsty vampires by night. The movie released in 2008 and managed to collect only a little over $4,000,000 at the box-office.

 To make a long story short

 Siblings Nicole (Autumn Reeser) and Chris (Tad) move in with their aunt in Luna Bay after losing their parents (Michael from the original movie and his wife) in a tragic car accident. Their aunt, however, wants the duo to pay for their lodgings. Chris, who is a good surfer, decides to earn money as a board shaper. He visits the only other board shaper in town, Edgar Frog (Corey Feldman), but finds his trailer empty. He leaves a note for Edgar and heads out to the beach. There, Chris comes across former surfing legend Shane Powers (Angus Sutherland), who gave up his fame and fortune and disappeared from public view a few years ago. Nicole and Chris end up going to a beach party with Shane, where unknown to Chris, Nicole has a mysterious drink. The siblings find out soon after that Shane and his gang are vampires and prey on unsuspecting local girls. Chris must now do everything he can before Nicole transforms completely into a vampire and he finds help from an unexpected ally.

 Acting/chills and thrills

 Lost Boys: The Tribe is almost a scene-by-scene remake of the original. But unlike the original, it fails to provide thrills or campy humor. The director has managed a casting coup by getting Angus Sutherland to reprise a role made famous by his brother Kiefer Sutherland. But the plot is uninteresting and offers little substance for Angus to deliver a performance as great as his brother’s. The movie is carried almost single-handedly by Corey Haim, who reprises his role as Edgar Frog from the original Lost Boys. However, he too is unable to keep the thrill from fizzling out toward the end. The most interesting part of the movie is actually the final scene, which delivers an unexpected twist in the form of a cameo by a character from the first movie. All said and done, you can give Lost Boys II:The Tribe a miss and rent the older Lost Boys for guaranteed entertainment.


Greystone Park

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Directed by Sean Stone, son of famous Hollywood director Oliver Stone, Greystone Park is a fake documentary/found footage kind of movie. It depicts the experiences of a group of documentary film-makers who visit an abandoned property, Greystone Park. In the late 1800s, Greystone Park was an actual psychiatric hospital and mental facility with many inmates. The movie is reportedly based on a true incident that happened with the director and a cast member. It had a limited release in America and had a lukewarm reception from cinema-goers, besides being panned by the critics. It was released in early 2012 across theaters in America and a few months later in countries like Mexico and Russia and in the Middle East.

 To make a long story short

 Sean (Sean Stone), Antonella (Antonella Lentini) and Alexander (Alexander Wraith) are a group of young documentary film-makers. At a dinner with Sean’s father Oliver (Oliver Stone), the conversation turns to ghost stories and places in America that are allegedly haunted. During the conversation, an abandoned mental facility in New Jersey is mentioned. Greystone Park, which used to be a mental institution and psychiatric care facility in the late 1800s, is now abandoned. During its heydays, rumors circulated of the terrible activities that went on behind its walls. People whispered about the treatment  that was meted out to its inmates that bordered on torture. Ever since, there have been reports of paranormal sightings in the property. After this discussion, Sean’s curiosity is piqued and the three film-makers decide to shoot a documentary inside Greystone Park to find out the truth. Once they are inside and the cameras start rolling, strange things begin to happen and the trio sense that they are not alone in the hospital.

 Acting/chills and thrills

 As far as acting goes, all the actors manage to deliver fairly decent performances. Despite that, the movie fails to keep the viewer’s attention engaged. Although the scary parts (sudden noises, shadowy figures suddenly appearing) are good in themselves, they can get a little irritating after a while. There are moments when the shaky camera and night vision footage may get on your nerves. Unfortunately, the movie relies heavily on such moments to make up for the lack of a strong plot. However, credit goes to Sean Stone for creating an overall tense and eerie atmosphere with the strong cinematography. Apart from that, Greystone Park has nothing exceptional to set it apart in the already over-saturated genre of ‘found footage movies’.



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Released in 2001, Frailty is one of the most underrated horror/thriller movies of the last decade. Starring Matthew McConaughey and Bill Paxton in starring roles, the film also marked the directorial debut of actor Bill Paxton. Dealing with the horrors of religious fanaticism intertwined with insanity and the supernatural, Frailty managed to shock and awe cinema-goers with powerful performances by the entire star cast.

 To make a long story short

 The film opens on a rainy night. A young man walks into the Dallas office of the FBI. He introduces himself as Fenton Meiks and claims that he may know the identity of the notorious serial killer who goes by the moniker ‘God’s Hand’. The lead investigator Wesley Doyle (Powers Boothe) brushes him off at first. But soon, he is intrigued by Fenton’s story of a religious but mentally unhinged father who claims to have received a message from God. The message is to kill all ‘demons’ roaming the Earth, to punish them for their ‘sins’. The only catch is that the demons look just like normal human beings.

 What follows next is anyone’s guess. Regular people are picked and mercilessly hacked to death with the help of “Otis”, Dad Meik’s trusty axe and buried in a rose garden. Younger brother Adam, the alleged “God’s Hand” killer, is fascinated by the idea of being a super-hero and gleefully assists his father. But the older Fenton realizes Dad Meiks (as Bill Paxton is referred to in the film) has descended into insanity. The carnage finally reaches a boiling point and events transpire that change the whole course of the trio’s lives.

 Acting/Thrills and Chills

 In what may be his finest performance ever, Bill Paxton is guaranteed to shock and terrify you with his amazing performance as Dad Meiks. Channeling a psychotic killer perfectly, he wields the axe with ease and without remorse. Matthew McConaughey is a revelation as Fenton, the man with a terrible secret. The young actors Matt O’Leary and Jeremy Sumpter are superb in their respective roles of the young Fenton and Adam, showing us how easily innocent young minds can be distorted and manipulated to do almost anything imaginable.

 Despite being made on a budget of about $11,000, 000, a pittance in Hollywood these days, the movie never compromises on the thrills and chills. The direction is par excellence, with Paxton expertly portraying the madness that unfolds in the tiny rural household of the Meiks. The best part of the movie is that it manages to be thrilling and terrifying despite the fact that many of the killings take place off-screen. Perhaps this could be a lesson to film-makers these days, who rely on gore and gratuitous violence without focusing on a strong story