V/H/S (2012)

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A group hoodlum friends is hired to burglarize a house and obtain a specific VHS tape. However, as they start viewing some of the tapes, the find out that there is more found footage than they bargained for.

The movie is a compilation of multiple stories. Typically, I don’t go for the multiple different stories in one movie (Creep show as the example). However, it worked in this movie since the crooks were there to steal a particular tape and decided to review some of the tapes that were already either in the player or near it.

The Good about this movie was that it gave some creepy moments. The gory parts were ridiculous (in a good way). Without giving to much away…think intestines…Also, The acting was good. In this case, I actually didn’t mind the different stories in a single movie. it made sense. There were a few moments in this one that gave the the ‘holy shit’ reaction. Typically, I’ve seen it all in horrors so that is a huge plus.

The Bad about this movie. It’s just shy of 2 hours. 10 minutes could have easily been trimmed from 2 of the ‘video footage’ stories shaving off 20 minutes. It would have made the movie flow better and keep the momentum. I would have enjoyed this much more if it was a little shorter.

Overall, I did like the movie. You have to no mind ‘handy-cam’, ‘shaky-cam’ or whatever you want to call it because that was the entire film. If you don’t like that movie style, don’t waste your time on this one.