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The Last Exorcism

December 29, 2012 by   | Category: Reviews
The Last Exorcism

The Last Exorcism may not be one of the best movies in its genre, but it still has some features that appeal to a specific audience. Starring Patrick Fabian, Ashley Bell, Louis Heerthum, Iris Bahr, Caleb Jones and Tony Bentley, this movie is based on the reality of exorcism. It is scripted around an evangelical minister, who is preparing to perform his last exorcism on a farmer’s daughter, and the documentation of this event.

 The plot overview

 Patrick Fabian plays the role of an evangelical minister named Marcus in this movie. He is married and has a son, and has been performing fake exorcism for many years. The reason for this is that once he   comes across an article in a newspaper regarding the death of an autistic child through exorcism. This make him decide that he will expose the practice of exorcism and he becomes a part of a documentary team that promises to help him in his cause.

 To prove that exorcism has no impact on people, Marcus chooses a farmer’s request to perform an exorcism on his possessed daughter, Nell. His documentary team accompanies him to the farmer, Louis’, residence. Once Marcus reaches Louis’ house,he places cameras and speakers in a room to record his fake exorcism on Nell. Once the exorcism is over, the farmer’s daughter follows Marcus and the documentary crew to their motel, and from here the horror element of the movie begins.

 The farmer’s daughter, Nell (Ashley Bell) suffers throughout the movie, and Marcus tries to get her psychological help. But as the movie progresses, Marcus and his crew try and unravel Nell’s story, that seems to be more like a case of demonic possession. The movie has many macabre images, and a dark element to it. So viewers may be interested in it at times, but it’s slow pace may often break their concentration.

 The likability factor

 Daniel Stamm, the director of the movie, tries very hard to hold the script together throughout. Sadly, despite his efforts, the story is a bit stretched. However, the elements of classic blood-stained horror may help in keeping viewers involved in it for a while. As part of the “Exorcism” series, this movie is very mediocre and has no significant parts that would excite the viewers. The only gripping factor in the movie is the protagonists’ dilemma over whether or not Nell may be possessed. Considering all these factors, this movie may appeal only to a selected audience who enjoy a touch of dramatic mystery in horror movies.



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