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Timber Falls

December 29, 2012 by   | Category: Reviews
Timber Falls

Timber Falls, released in 2007, is a thriller/horror movie. It was made by the director of “Chaos” and “Resident Evil: The Afterlife”, Tony Gioglio. The star cast includes Brianna Brown, Beth Broderick, Josh Randall, Nick Searcy and Sascha Rosemann in the main roles. It is the story of a young couple, Mike and Sheryl, whose fun camping trip leads them into a morbid trap where they must battle for their lives.

 To make a long story short

 Mike (Josh Randall) and his girlfriend Sheryl (Brianna Brown) are on their way to Lake Kimbabrow State Park for a camping and hiking trip. At the entrance to the park, they are advised to stick to a safe beginner’s trail by a park ranger. Inside the park, however, they meet a friendly middle-aged lady called Ida (Beth Broderick). She suggests that they visit Timber Falls which has a beautiful waterfall and lush greenery. On her advice, the couple decides to go to Timber Falls instead. There, they come across a trio of hunters who warn them against mixing up with the locals. Mike doesn’t like the behavior of the three men and tells them to stay away. The next morning, Mike wakes up to find Sheryl missing. He starts looking for her, but gets caught in a bear trap and loses consciousness. When he wakes up, he finds himself in a cabin with Ida, who assures him that she’ll take care of him and call the authorities for help. But soon, Mike begins to suspect her motives and gets into a tussle with her. He overpowers her and discovers a psychotic plot in the basement, where he also find Sheryl bound and gagged. The duo must now try to escape from Ida and her accomplices, who have an insane and unimaginable horror planned for the two of them.

 Acting/thrills and chills

 Despite its over-explored genre and storyline, Timber Falls manages to hold your attention fairly well from the beginning to the end. The gory scenes are well-executed, as are the gruesome effects. The acting is of average quality; but that is to be expected from a low-budget slasher movie like this. There is quite a bit of gratuitous violence and sleaze, which is standard fare for a slasher movie. In spite of this, the thrill and tension are maintained well throughout the film. All in all, it is a good option for the times when you have nothing else to rent or watch.



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