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Why in Hell are People Drawn to Scary Movies?

December 29, 2012 by   | Category: Articles

As we grow, we leave our fears of the closet monsters behind by rationalizing or trying to meet the expectations of our peers. But these closet monsters are never really left behind. They linger in some corner of our subconscious. Watching a scary movie gets into forefront all the hidden fears from a safe avenue. The lure of scary movies in people may be because of several factors such as lifestyle, gender, personality, age, physiology, heredity etc.


 People watch scary movies to be scared! Getting scared is a lifestyle statement. Everybody who goes to a scary movie knows that it will eventually be over and that they will get out of the theatre alive and still breathing. Watching a scary movie can also be like a good healthy exercise for your nervous system. Everybody deserves a change from their mundane lives and a scary movie can be a welcome change sometimes.

 Gender roles

 Gender roles also play an important role in influencing people to watch scary movies. Horror and scary movies are usually date movies. These movies provide the girls with an excellent excuse to scream their guts out and hold on to their date for dear life while the guy pretends to be the strong man that he is. Studies have showed that males tend to display bravery while the females tend to display fear. A fine example of classic exaggerated role playing situation!


 Personality is another factor that leads people to watch scary movies. The way in which a person reacts in any situation can be determined by his/her personality. Some people like to confront the situations at hand while others prefer to avoid any confrontation. Studies have indicated that those who enjoy confrontations also like horror movies compared to those that avoid confrontations.


 The physiology of a person or in simpler terms, the way in which a person reacts to different situations, also determines if he/she will or will not be lured towards scary movies. These reaction traits vary depending on factors such as the person’s ancestry, adaption to fear and so on. People go to horror movies and on roller coaster rides not only because they like to be scared but also because they enjoy the excitement and the adrenaline rush.


 A person’s age also plays a crucial role in how he/she reacts to a movie. Young people are more drawn towards highly intense and gory movies whereas older folk prefer movies that are scary but without the blood and gore.



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